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Powermaster Industrial Supplies all forms of tooling for the boiler, heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry. We also provide heat exchanger and boiler cleaning on-site in Ontario only.

We supply top quality spring tool balancers which can be found in many of North America's automobile manufacturing plants. The latest being the modern Tesla Plant in california.

We source and design quality tooling from all over the world and test this equipment before even considering passing the product to our customers.

Our motto still remains the same to this day,

"What can we Do for You".

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Combination Beading Expanders 2.0", 2.5" and 3.0"

Completing the tube rolling and beading in one operation.

Combination Beading Expander The Combination Beading Expander completes beading in one operation. This is a significant saving on time and manpower. Beading tubes have always been an arduous task for the operator. First the tube was rolled then beaded with a beading tooling in a chipping gun. Then finally the tube needed to be re-rolled to tighten up the seal. Health and safety for the operator has always been an issue here, the noise and vibration being the main concerns. As you can see it was a long and tedious operation to carryout and many times in confined spaces.

Now with the Combination Beading Expander tool, the whole operation is completed in one and with no health and safety issues for the operator. Each unit can roll and bead one OD size but with a change of the guide roll assembly and the beading roll, the unit can cover most common wall thicknesses of tube. Usually 10-13 BWG (0.134"-0.095").

Features of the Combination Beading Expander

  • Turns three operations into one by Rolling and Beading at the same time saving on labour costs, stress from health and safety on your employees and overall tooling costs.
  • Actually cuts labour costs by 50-65%
  • Minimal employee training or long term experience required.
  • Producing the perfect roll and bead time after time.
  • Eliminates all noise for the beading operation compared to the old style of chisel hammer.


  • Tube OD Covered 2.0", 2.5" and 3.0"
  • 10 BWG down to 13 BWG.


Alt Image text Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets

Follow this link for the operations manual:

Training Tips:

How to find out what the finished ID should be after rolling a tube before carrying out a pullout test.

Even if you are not carrying out pullout tests you should know the finished ID of the rolled tubes so this can be checked as the rolling of the tubes proceed.

1.250"OD x 0.105" wall thickness
Recommended expansion 0.009"
Tube Sheet Hole 1.260"

1. Tube ID before Expansion 1.040"

2. Recommended expansion 0.009"

3. Difference between Tube OD
and Tube Sheet Bore Hole     0.010"

Finished ID (Add1,2,and 3)    1.059"