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Brief History

Powermaster Industrial Supplies all forms of tooling for the boiler, heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry. We also provide heat exchanger and boiler cleaning on-site in Ontario only.

We supply top quality spring tool balancers which can be found in many of North America's automobile manufacturing plants. The latest being the modern Tesla Plant in california.

We source and design quality tooling from all over the world and test this equipment before even considering passing the product to our customers.

Our motto still remains the same to this day,

"What can we Do for You".

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SBH Series Spring Tool Balancers

Spring Tool Balancers

Bolting tools

Bolting Tools

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Tube Removal Tools for Review

In this section you can review all of our Tube Removal Tools needed to remove tubes from boilers and pressure vessels. We cover tooling for fire tube and water tube boilers, mud and steam drum tube removals in super heaters and also for air heaters. All of this tooling has been tried and tested over many years of service

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Tube Removal Tools

master Semi Auto tube puller Continious Tube Puller Air/Hydraulic Stub Puller

Master Tube Pulling Ssytem

Continuous Tube Pulling System

Stub Puller

For Tube OD
3/8" to 4.0"

For Tube OD
3/8" to 4.0"

For Tube OD
3/8" to 4.0"

Automatic Tube Stub Pulling System Internal Tube Cutter PR68 Series for thick walled tube. OTC Series internal tube cutters
Auto Stub Puller

PR68 Series Tube Cutter

OTC Series Tube Cutter

For Tube OD
5/8" to 2.1/8"

For Tube OD
1/2" to 4.5"

For Tube OD
5/8" to 2.1/2"


Pneumatic Chipping Hammer


Pneumatic Chipping Hammers





Collapsing Tools Knockout Tools Wall Reducing Tools Morse Taper

Collapsing Tools

Knockout Tools

Wall reducing Tools

  Pine Jenny Accessories  

Pine Jenny Tube Spears
and Accessories


For Tube OD
3/8" to 3.0"

Extension Chairs Horse Shoe Locks Single Pull Adaptor

Extension Chairs

Horse Shoe Lock

Single Pull Adaptor

male x male extension Double Pull Adaptor Male x Female Extension

Male x Male Extension

Double Pull Adaptor

Male x female Extension