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Brief History

Powermaster Industrial Supplies all forms of tooling for the boiler, heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry. We also provide heat exchanger and boiler cleaning on-site in Ontario only.

We supply top quality spring tool balancers which can be found in many of North America's automobile manufacturing plants. The latest being the modern Tesla Plant in california.

We source and design quality tooling from all over the world and test this equipment before even considering passing the product to our customers.

Our motto still remains the same to this day,

"What can we Do for You".

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SBH Series Spring Tool Balancers

Spring Tool Balancers

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Bolting Tools

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Cleaning Boiler Tubes - Mechanical

Powermaster Industrial Supplies offer several different systems for cleaning boilers and all types of tubular apparatus. Our mechanical systems consist of rotational driven tools on flexible shafts which can be supplied with water as a medium for flushing out deposits within the tubes.

The following systems use flexible shafts which are available to any length you require and can be found on our flex shaft page. Brushes are available in Nylon, Brass and Stainless Steel from the smallest of 1/4" OD up to 4.0"OD. We can also supply brushes in Carbon Steel and Nylon up to 14 Inches OD.

Electrical Systems

PTC-75 and PTC-150

Boiler tube cleaning unit PTC-75 The PTC-75 and the PTC-150 are the ideal electrical tube cleaning drive units. The difference between the two units is Hp. The PTC-75 is rated at 1Hp and the PTC-150 at 2 Hp.

Water which is regulated as needed flushes through the easily detachable flexible shaft which allows ease of interchangeable tools for the job in hand.

The solid construction is made from all Stainless Steel for the harshest of environments where these units have proved themselves especially in the pulp and paper industry.

The units come with an easy transportation carriage with large wheels for over rough terrain. 

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets:


Pneumatic tube cleaning system ATC-300: The Pneumatic Tube Cleaning system consist of a 4 Hp adjustable in power drive unit which is capable of any cleaning operation. With motor speeds from 300 to 3000 rpm this unit destroys any type of tube fouling.

These units work on the same principle as the electric units with water flush etc.

Unlike some cleaning units these allow only clockwise rotation as this guarantees the tool wont disconnect within the tube as what can happen if reversed out of the tube.

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets:

Flexible Shafts

Flexible Shafts in various lengths and diameters. Flexible shafts are ordered to the relevant size of the tubes being cleaned. These are available from 1/4" OD Casing up to 3/4"OD.

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets:


Cleaning Brushes in Nylon,Brass and Stainless Steel. Brushes range from 1/4"OD up to 4.0"OD. These come in Nylon, Brass and Stainless Steel. Check thread size compared to flex shafts when ordering.

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets:

Repairing Flexible Shafts

Repairing Flexible shafts. We always advise customers to purchase the flex shaft repair system which allows you to replace either the drive end or tool end connections.

This allows you to get the maximum life out of your shaft and with the use of the shaft oiler after each time used the equipment is ready for its next cleaning operation.

In the PDF below you will find a whole line of cleaning accessories from dealing with completely plugged tubes by drilling them out with Carbide Drills to buffing tools for a final polish.

Also we cover specialized tools for the Sugar Mill Industry. These consist of heavy duty cleaning machines up to 7.5 Hp. The flexible shafts can be up to 1.3/8" OD and are manufactured our of heavy duty galvanized strip steel.



Shaft Oiling equipment for storing the flexible shafts.So follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets on all of our cleaning and maintenance equipment: