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Brief History

Powermaster Industrial Supplies all forms of tooling for the boiler, heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry. We also provide heat exchanger and boiler cleaning on-site in Ontario only.

We supply top quality spring tool balancers which can be found in many of North America's automobile manufacturing plants. The latest being the modern Tesla Plant in california.

We source and design quality tooling from all over the world and test this equipment before even considering passing the product to our customers.

Our motto still remains the same to this day,

"What can we Do for You".

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SBH Series Spring Tool Balancers

Spring Tool Balancers

Bolting tools

Bolting Tools

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Rolling motors and Controls.

Pneumatic, Electrical and Hydraulic

Pneumatic Right Angled Rolling Motor

Pneumatic Right Angled Rolling Motor The Pneumatic Right Angled Rolling Motor is one of the best rolling motors available today. The design of this motor allows easy access into tight spaces especially inside of mud and steam drums. The torque is controlled from the settings on the motor and with the two models available covers rolling steel tubes up to 4.0" OD. Each one of the two models come as standard with twist grip throttles or we can supply them with the lever throttle version. All units come in a complete kit with torsion bar handle for extreme rolling.


The unit comes in two sizes based on Tube OD:

P72-RT-190 for tubes up to 2.5" and will produce up to 190 Nm of torque.

P72-RT-90  for tubes up to  4.0" and will produce up to 410 Nm of torque.


Unique head design consisting of fully enclosed bearing for endurance.

Both models equipped with roll throttles as standard, lever throttle available on request.

Easy to adjust torque settings.

Angle head can be set in numerous settings.

360 degree adjustable air exhaust.

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets

Electric Rolling Drives

TCW Digital Torque ControlTCW Digital Torque Controller used with the MPG-3L Rolling Drive as shown below.

  • Fully integrated Wattage Based Torque Controller.
  • Available in 120 volt or 240 volt 50/60Hz.
  • Automatically recognizes the drive attached and calibrates.
  • Soft start for all drives.
  • Fully adjustable for Torque setting, pause times and reverse times.
  • Drive wattage displayed while rolling.
  • Many more features available in the PDF.
Rolling Drive MPG-3L

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets

Hydraulic Tube Expansion System (HYDEX)

HYDEX Pump HEP-500 Rolling boiler tubes.Powermaster Industrial can offer several different methods of rolling tubes. For the in house production we offer comprehensive hydraulic systems to handle any type of tube up to 4.0" OD. This system known as the HYDEX SYSTEM comes with a drive which communicates with the pump ensuring safety and complete control via a 9v remote.
This unit can be connected via a dual drive pack to two drives to minimize expansion time on the tubesheets. With three different hydraulic pump configurations the HYDEX System is the leader in large volume expansion.

The microprocessor on the pump automates the rolling process which controls the expansion cycle with the Trip, Pause and Reverse times. No need for repeated manual Start/Stop of the drive as the Pause time allows the operator to remove the drive and expander on to the next tube.

Hydraulic Drives

Hydraulic Drives for rolling boiler tubes. Hydraulic Drives come in four convenient sizes to cover steel tubes from 5/8"OD to 4.0"OD. These units come with all the required 10 meter hoses and longer hoses are available if required.

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets