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Powermaster Industrial Supplies all forms of tooling for the boiler, heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry. We also provide heat exchanger and boiler cleaning on-site in Ontario only.

We supply top quality spring tool balancers which can be found in many of North America's automobile manufacturing plants. The latest being the modern Tesla Plant in california.

We source and design quality tooling from all over the world and test this equipment before even considering passing the product to our customers.

Our motto still remains the same to this day,

"What can we Do for You".

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Vacuum Tube Leak Detector Kit - PVLD-3000

Identifying leaking tubes within pressure apparatus.

Whether you are involved in the following, boiler maintenance vacuum test or vacuum tube leak tester equipment on heat exchangers. This kit will serve all your needs from 1/4" up to 3.0" OD tubes.

Vacuum leak detector kit for finding leaking tubes in boilers and other pressure vessels. The PVLD-3000 leak detector is an ingenious yet simple piece of test equipment used to identify leaking tubes ranging in size from 1/4" to 3.0"OD. Service companies and boiler repair personnel depend on the PVLD-3000 to accurately pinpoint costly leaking tubes within tubular apparatus.

How the Vacuum Leak Detector Works

Vacuum leak detector kit for finding leaking tubes in boilers and other pressure vessels. It is easier to carryout this operation with two men but if needed it can be a one man operation.
One person will use the T-Bar with the correct seal in tested tube at one end of the boiler while the operator with the PVLD-3000 presses the rubber coated nozzle into the same tube. He then slides the slide valve to the vacuum position, air passes through a venturi system which causes a vacuum to form within the tube. If the vacuum gauge remains steady then no leaks are apparent on that tube. Any leaks would mean a falling guage.

Follow this pdf link for the full specification sheets